Wednesday, February 3, 2016

French Macron Catering

French macron plate from a past wedding event. Please visit our main site for more photos..

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Wedding Planning in Sacramento

Getting married is the most important decision in your life. Many of us are dreaming of having a perfect wedding day. To have a perfect wedding we need best services from the best in this field. When planning a wedding you need to find a venue first. If you are low in budget then your home or a friend’s/ relation’s home would be the best bet for your wedding. If you can afford to buy a space then booking a reception hall would be a perfect choice.
There are wedding planners such as Chef and Baker Event and Catering Service which will help you through your wedding to select the best choices for your wedding. Chef and Bakers is an Event planning and Sacramento catering service run by well-renowned chefs in Sacramento area. Chef Gabriel Glasier and Pastry Chef Kristel Flores has more than 20 years’ experience in this industry so they know a thing or two about wedding planning than an average person. And they are capable of serving a large customer base with best foods in Sacramento.
Along with wedding decorations, food is critical in a wedding because your guests may forget how beautiful your wedding were but, they won’t forget how delicious the food you offered that day. If they were difficult to swallow (which means if the food were horrible) then they won’t forget it either. That single reason may ruin your most important day. Hence it is important to choose a good catering service for your party.
Wedding decorations can either be ordered or do it yourself. Ordering a wedding decoration service may save your time but if you do them by yourself then you can have an experience worth memorizing. But it depends on your choice as some may have time but fewer budgets on wedding planning and some may have money but no time to spend for these works.